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1.   QUANTUM OPERATIONAL SYSTEM HIERARCHY, 2nd ed. c2010 Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth
Chapters:   1.  Upgrading the Hierarchy of Strategic Planning
                      2.  How to Accelerate Knowledge
                      3.  Hierarchy of Organization

2.   CONCEPT FUSION, c1997 Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth
              This book demonstrates how the human mind is capable of growing knowledge at a rate near a nuclear explosion. 
               Fundamental concepts of human brain thinking processes toward growing knowledge are shown. 

3.   OPERATIONS ANALYSIS OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE, The Mission of Lawrence Livermore National Lab, c1997, Dr. Ronald Cutburth This is the author's Ph.D. dissertation. This was accomplished to complete the author's Ph.D. in: 
                                                Administration and Management of Engineering Science Operations. 
         The book includes an assessment of the overall management capabilities and level of competency of the lab. It also includes an     assessment, or scoring, on nearly 200 research programs that the lab was involved in around 1997.  Conclusions are given about the lab. One key conclusion is the overall lab skills are high level and the management of their programs is at a high level in 1997. 

              This paper was written for the author's Ph.D. program. It demonstrates that much of research is not broad enough, and have failures in conclusions from the commonly narrow approach. It offers that the author Imanual Kant in 1771 provided an early definition of relativity. Further, that this concept of relativity can help broaden and improve research and analysis.  

5.  INTUITIVE SCIENCE FOR MANAGERS, c1996, Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth
             This paper was written for the author's Ph.D. program. It demonstrates that a manager relying only on intuitive powers is at a high risk of failure. It offers concepts to understand thinking processes that emulate intuitive but are based more on a science of thinking.           

6.  Love From The Sea, c1988 Dr. Ronald Cutburth  ::: PUBLISHED IN NINE LANGUAGES ON AMAZON KINDLE e-books , AMAZON.COM This children's book is the pilot book for the philosophy of this publishing company. It was written and published in San Diego in 1988. 

                                                                     TRADEMARK NOTICE:  
The word set  "Love From The Sea" comprise word elements and set of a registered trademark owned by Dr. Ronald Cutburth. Registration- circa 1989.  


        1. Operations Analysis of Engineering Sciences; the Mission of Lawrence Livermore National Lab c1997 (listed above)
         2. Technical magazine quarterly providing a critical examination of science and technology claims in the news.